The ongoing technical evolution in the entertainment industry has dramatically changed the course of filmmaking by reducing the cost of production. The independent filmmaker can now write, shoot, and edit a film digitally without relinquishing hands-on control. This welcome development in the filmmaking process absolutely necessitates that the student master the craft of visual storytelling and the many technical skills required to fully realize his or her creative vision and become an essential member of any production. In short: the technology has arrived – the skilled people have not. Until now…

Digital Film Academy, also known in the industry as DFA specializes in digital filmmaking and media education. DFA provides the training and skills that are vital for the independent filmmaker. By offering hands-on digital filmmaking instruction taught by experienced industry professionals in a progressive, challenging, and supportive small class environment, with unlimited lab time and a Membership to the facility upon graduation, DFA provides the student with the creative learning environment needed to become a truly independent filmmaker.

Our digital filmmaking programs and workshops are a harmonious blend of instruction, hands-on labs, review and feedback from faculty and DFA staff, and direct production experience that puts your skills to the test and makes everything you learn come together. Our instructors are both educators and working professionals in the film industry. We work with them to consistently improve our curriculum to make our programs and workshops the best and most comprehensive.

If you want to learn digital, Digital Film Academy is the choice for you. Join the evolution ® and attend the only film school in Istanbul City that specializes in the art and craft of digital filmmaking.



Digital Film Academy (DFA) was first founded by film producer and director Patrick DiRenna on September 10, 2001 in the historic Film Center building in New York City. While making his first feature film Train of Illusion in 1991, DiRenna realized that he was at the mercy of others who did not share his same passion and drive about his project. This realization echoed throughout his career, and as technology advanced and the reliance on film lessened, DiRenna foresaw digital media as the future for independent filmmakers while other academic institutions still focused on film.

Wanting to create an all-digital media school offering tools to filmmakers not available at any other school, Digital Film Academy was born! In addition to state-of-the-art instruction in digital filmmaking, filmmakers receive a production membership to the academy’s facility upon graduation. This unique combination of instruction and access to the facility enables filmmakers to become independent and start working in the growing industry without having to invest thousands of dollars into equipment.

And in 2006, DFA was established in Istanbul with the partnership of DFA New York. Since then the Academy Director, Bulent Doruker has been leading DFA Istanbul. We have over 1500 graduates since 2006 and over half of them has become professional and still working on the film industry in Turkey.

DFA continues to be innovative and strive to exceed the needs of filmmakers. At DFA, you are provided with the skills, the tools, and the support that you need to be truly independent.